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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Way to Lamorna Cove

It had been a lifelong dream of mine to own a home in Cornwall. Beginning when I was a very young child, we had spent our annual family holidays in Sennen Cove, The Lizard, and Praa Sands. I was also fortunate in later life to be able to return often, walking the coastal path, enjoying the wonderful beaches and reveling in the unmatched scenery, the flora and fauna, and the mystical enchantment of it all. Returning to Cornwall has always felt like coming home.

Many times over the last several years, I had flown from my Canadian home in Alberta to England and thence to Cornwall to search for a suitable cottage: my little piece of paradise. It turned into a long, frustrating, and fruitless search. I viewed hundreds of properties from Boscastle to The Lizard to Sennen Cove – to no avail. Nothing felt quite right.

In late October 2008, I was at the Harbour Inn, Porthleven. It was a Sunday and the following morning, with little expectation, I was to view a cottage in Mousehole before driving back to Stockport to be with my Dad for a while until it was time to return to Canada, after another seemingly fruitless search.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to spend Sunday night in Mousehole at the Ship Inn. Arriving there on a cold, wet, and dreary Sunday afternoon, I felt the urge to walk along the coastal path to Minack. I had read a few of the Minack Chronicles, enjoying them immensely but had never been to Oliver Land.

I set off right away, walking the coastal path in the rain, past Kemyel Crease, Carn Dhu, Lamorna Cove, and Carn Barges, passing no one since leaving Mousehole. I walked around Oliver Land, sat upon the Ambrose Rock and enjoyed the quiet solitude and mystical atmosphere of it all.

It was chilly and wet and the light was fading as I plodded off back to Mousehole. Upon entering the cove at Lamorna, I noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign in the window of a cottage at the end of the row down by the sea. Noting the details, I continued along the coastal path.

I have no logical idea why, but half way along the path to Carn Dhu, I stopped and turned for a last look at Lamorna Cove. It was quite murky by now but in the distance, half way up the cliff and overlooking the Cove, I saw a white cottage with what I thought (and hoped) might be a ‘For Sale’ sign, fallen over and nearly obscured by vegetation. What to do? It was a trek back down into the Cove, the light was fading fast and I still had a long hike to Mousehole. A curious excitement, a strange feeling of anticipation gripped me. The decision was easy! I hurried back along the path into the Cove and up to the cottage.

I have no rational idea why I had not seen it on my way to Minack, but I know who pointed it out to me now . . .

It was very obvious that the place was deserted,derilict almost.I ran around outside,peering through dirty,broken windows seeing the dank,green interior.Everywhere,inside and out seemed rotten,delapidated and overgrown with green mould.Nevertheless I was enchanted by it all and turning around I was stunned by the awe-inspiring,breathtaking view apparent even in the semi-darkness.

I could hardly contain my excitement as I finally dragged myself away and hurried through the rain and darkening skies,still not passing another living soul,back to Mousehole.

After a sleepless night I called and arranged to view the cottage that I later learned was called The Magazine(originally a dynamite store for the granite quarry opposite).

What an utter shambles it was inside! Gloomy,riddled with damp and rot,un-lived in and un-loved for a long time.Ceiling falling in,walls cracked and covered in mould.
Did I care?
No! I loved it all!
It felt just right!
The situation,the little cottage itself and te heart-stopping views all left me breathless.
Yes,it was a mess and a huge project(even the agent showing it to me advised me against it when due to sheer sclae of renovations needed when he learned I lived so far away in Canada) but I would have none of it.
I had to have this cottage!

I ended up in the cobweb-covered public phone booth outside the little village hall up the lane in the village of Lamorna,just by The Wink where I made my first offer and by uesday evening we all but owned The Magazine.

It is a magical cottage,much added on to from it's early days as a dynamite store.The ohme of artists,writers and now us!

Restored now from sad,crumbling state the cottage sits imperiously,high above the cove overlooking Mounts Bay,the Atlantic ocean and Carn Dhu.There are breathtaking views everywhere you look.
It is our perfect cottage in wonderful mystical surroundings.
Truly our little piece of Paradise.

Every day I am there I pinch myself.Am I dreaming? Is this reality?

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